Unsecured Vehicle Loans

Unobank acts as a bank correspondent but the client does not pay more for the loan requested, see more

If you are in need of credit to carry out some project or take out some outstanding debts, surely the loan is the first possibility considered by you.

Currently there are numerous options in the market that aim to serve the most diverse audiences. They are the payroll loan, the personal loan and the secured loan.

I need a loan

I need a loan

If you need a loan, the best option in the market is usually the payroll loan. The payroll loan is intended for a specific public (workers with a formal contract, retirees and pensioners) because the discount of the installments is made directly on the payroll. One way the bank has to ensure that the loan is paid.

The payroll loan usually has good terms of payment and lower interest rates, however, the amount that can be released in this type of loan is usually low. This is because the payroll loan can not commit more than 30% of the amount received by you.

See, the value of installments of the payroll loan can not exceed more than 30% of your payment. For example, if you have a salary or benefit of $ 1,200.00 the maximum value of the installments should be $ 360.00.

It is worth mentioning here that these R $ 360.00 are for the payment of all your loans. So, if you already have a loan with installments in the amount of $ 160.00 the new can not exceed $ 200.00.

If you need a larger credit release, you may end up resorting to other forms of credit and we can quote here personal loan.

The personal loan as opposed to the payday loan is not subject to 30% of your income and is not directly deducted from your payroll. It is a type of loan that has higher interest rates than payroll, however, it is possible to obtain a larger credit release with less bureaucracy.

On the contrary also the payroll loan is not intended for a specific audience.

Loan with guarantee

Loan with guarantee

One of the best loan modalities is without doubt the personal loan with collateral, or just loan with collateral and we’ll explain why.

This type of loan is not much used here because it was created the idea that it is possible to lose the used good as collateral and in fact is, but calm, we will explain this better.

The secured loan is also known as refinancing and consists of using a property previously yours as collateral to repay the loan requested.

Usually the amount released by the financial institution corresponds to a percentage of the market value of the asset used. Many times why secured loan is used by those who need a high credit release.

Although there is the fear of losing the good used as collateral when done consciously and in real need, secured personal loan can be a great option for payment terms.

By using a good as a guarantee of payment of the amount borrowed it is possible to get good interest rates and good payment terms, as well as a good market evaluation of your property.

The market valuation is used to determine the market value of the guarantee offered by you and in this way which threshold you can request. For example, some institutions release up to 90% of the market value of the collateral used, so if the asset is valued at R $ 100 thousand it is possible to make a loan with a maximum value of R $ 90 thousand.

With so many options and institutions in the market we decided to bring an institution to you, Unobank.


Money and cash

Unobank is a Fintech that was born with the aim of innovating and transforming the financial system, seeking to simplify it for you

Have you heard of Unobank? Uno is not a financial institution, it is a digital platform of financial services operated by GFX Serviços Empresariais with authorization of the Central Bank of Brazil for the activity of correspondent banking.

Bank correspondents are companies contracted by financial institutions regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil to represent them in the provision of financial services.

Although it is a correspondent of some financial institutions the client that decides to make a loan by Unobank will not pay anything more for this. This is because the remuneration of Uno is made by partner institutions.

Unobank is a Fintech. The word fintech is a junction of the words finance and technology. It concerns startups who seek to revolutionize or at least transform and innovate financial systems.

Uno is a carioca startup that arose from the need to try to bureaucratize the financial system, changing, as they themselves say “the way you hire financial products”.

One of Uno’s goals is to be an uncomplicated and simple company for you.

Unsecured loan with Unobank

Unsecured loan with Unobank

The loan secured by Unobank has one of the highest releases on market value. While some institutions even release 50% to 70% on market value. Uno releases for you up to 90% of the value of your car, (with the maximum limit, in this type of loan, in R $ 100 thousand reais).

Unobank’s personal loan is known as the Auto Guarantee Loan and you need some prerequisites to get your credit in this mode.

The vehicle used as collateral must have a maximum of ten years of manufacturing and in this mode of loan you can not claim less than two thousand reais. As previously mentioned, the percentage to be released is up to R $ 100 thousand, with release of up to 90% of the market value of the guarantee used (not exceeding R $ 100 thousand).

For Uno you have up to 48 months to make the payment of your loan and according to the startup itself in this type of loan, interest is “greatly reduced” and “flexible payments”.

You can do the whole loan simulation process online. It is worth noting that to use a vehicle as collateral this car needs to be yours, be in your name and be a vehicle taken away.

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